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Yeungnam University is a private research university, located in Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang, South Korea.

Yeungnam University library was originally established on the Daegu campus in 1967 by merging the two college libraries of Daegu and Chunggu, which were founded in 1947 and 1950, respectively. The present University Library moved to the Gyeongsan main campus in 1974. Now, it comprises a main library and two branches. The university central library has a gigantic and diverse collection of books, journals, international papers and periodicals. YU central library is the tallest building of the campus as a landmark of the university. The 21-story main library has five reading rooms by subjective areas, a computer and multimedia lab, two general reading rooms, 4 group study rooms, and 24 carrells. The science library branch has a reading room for pure science and technology, a periodicals room, a computer and multimedia lab, and four general reading rooms. The number of the seats of the science library is 2,077. The Daegu campus has a medical library branch which has 224 seats. As of February 2007, the University Library holds more than 1,478,491 books including bound ones, and carries 2,830 titles of domestic and foreign periodicals along with 24,048 titles of E-Journals. It also stores personal collections donated by 28 private collectors. The books are classified according to the 3rd edition of the Korean Decimal Classification system.

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