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The National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic is the legal deposit and copyright agency for Kyrgyzstan. It was founded in 1934. It has a collection of 6 million documents in 89 languages from around the world.

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The National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic- state of the library. In 1934, SSR Extraction is known as the library, based on the decision of re-established in 1938 as a national library. In 1939, according to the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR N. G. Çernışevskiydin name. The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on October 12, 1993, received the status of the National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic, according to the resolution №486. Called the chief of the State Library, the national heritage preserved. Coordination, cooperation and the work of libraries in the center of the main directions of development; Libraries subscription system (SCA), the national and international electronic security programs (Evo) and the introduction of innovative technologies in the library and the creation of a national communication network center, As well as all the libraries of scientific and methodological center is an institution ilimiyizildööçü. The library during the 2011-15 development strategy; international donors to work with project development; to improve the organization and management; work in technical and techno. modernization; The new service model; implementation of the objectives of the formation of the library stock. The reserve of 6 million library publication. b. information and resources are available. 300 thousand a year, staying 1 million print readers to use. Every year, more than 700 mass events are held. In all sectors of the library books, bibliographic lists of literature fulfills the requests, questions, and provides topical use of electronic resources. 16, in various fields, differentiated reading hall there is room for more than 1,000 readers. Every day, with an average of 600 to 1000 are covered by the reader. 90 SF 6 million people in the language of literature. Every year, an average of 20-25 thousand copies in the library will be a variety of publications, including maps, notes, manuscripts, rare books, publications, dissertations, newspapers and magazines, special kinds of patent and regulatory and technical documents, audio and video materials, etc.


Maalımattıkiliktöö apparatus more than 40 card and electronic catalogs and indexes. Electronic resource catalogs: The catalog of books and periodicals in the electronic catalog, the merged libraries' electronic catalog, catalog, The catalog of foreign-language literature. b. . The library was made an important contribution to the creation of national bibliography bibliography. All scientific and auxiliary bibliography of 160 thousand documents. More than 38 of its 000 students. Department of national bibliography of more than 30 years working on the creation of the historical literature about index. History. Archeology. Ethnography, natural conditions and natural resources, the Ministry of Industry. Transport. Contact and Literature. Art, like the Agricultural sector, published bibliographic works. Since 1964, Kyrgyzstan: Birthdays. Renederin. Events' annual bibliographic edition were published. Russian and Kyrgyz languages ​​36 release dates, There is information about the customs of the peoples of the world, more than 1,000. As the anniversary of the Writers 'orfo som','barred', 'Corner'.


Library, cultural, informational dayjestti Kyrgyz and Russian languages. The activities of the national bibliographic research is the basic direction of the library. National Library three-volume History biblioteçnogo Fabolous, a collection of documents and materials (1959-70), the work of the Library. English explanatory dictionary of terms, Nauçnaya life bibliotek of Kyrgyzstan, as well as a collection of scientific articles entitled 'Aitmatov world in both languages, bibliographic encyclopedia Library - Library of Kyrgyzstan scientific and practical magazine. I. 100th anniversary of the upbringing of gold and rust given readers' work. Library research focused on expanding uyuşturuuçumetodikalık Center, Library and Publications Division, to be the center of culture and education. Every year on the anniversary dates and events organized over 500 mass events (seminars, scientific conferences and book exhibitions, etc...).

The National Library seeks to enrich and save resources through new technology. Manas epic, heroic on the global electronic library. UNESCO and the US Library of Congress in support of the April 21, 2009, the Internet is a unique global electronic library (WDL) storyteller, S. Fully considered the English variant of the five books of the total volume (1584 pages) In 1946 in Moscow, S. Displaced .Replaced Russian translation of the epic Z. Bektenov and K. Nanaev prose content, as well as Walter Mei English translation of the text of the film M. Ubukeyev Manas film S. Karalaev fragments are also included. 'Mana brief annotation in seven languages ​​(Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish), and in accordance with the requirements provided with the information. This search easier, and to explore and familiarize themselves with the world's cultural heritage. In recent years, 25 projects have been implemented in the library, the library's fund, start a new literature, technical equipment, the automation of library and information processes, foreign publications and electronic information. b. enabling access to the database of the world's Internet users. All these new library service quality level, which allowed the introduction of new technologies to access information. The National Library cooperates with more than 40 of the world's largest libraries, including the Russian State Library, named after Yeltsin Presidential Library and the Russian National Library, the Russian State Scientific and Technical Library, the US Library of Congress, Malaysia, Iran, Japan, France, the national libraries of the CIS countries. There was the reserve of the Russian State Library, 600 thousand of the full text of the thesis, and the riots in the owners have the right of access without leaving the country. This library can be used in the office. Library - a member of the international professional society. Participate in the implementation of programs of international organizations will cooperate in the fields of culture, science and education. Eurasia libraries Assembly also considered one of the founders of the non-profit partnership and its aim of library and information and socio-cultural is the creation of the joint space.

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