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The National Library of Somalia was established in 1975 and is located in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. It came under the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education until the collapse of the government in 1991.

In 1983, it held approximately 7,000 books, little in the way of historical and cultural archival material, and was open to the general public. As a national library, it was described in a UNESCO report as having "no regular acquisition budget", unqualified staff, unsuitable premises, and as being, on the whole, "little developed.

n June 2013, the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies organized a shipment of 22,000 books from the United States to Somalia as part of an initiative to restock the library. In December of that year, the Somali authorities officially launched a major project to rebuild the National Library. With Zainab Hassan serving as Director, the $1 million federal government-funded initiative intends for a new library complex to be built in the capital within six months. In preparation for the relaunch, 60,000 additional books from other Arab League states are expected to arrive.

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