The National Archives of Thailand is a Thai government agency under the Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture (Thailand)|, established in 1916 (B.E.2459) as a section of the Vajirayan National Library of Thailand (Bangkok National library.) It has become and functions as a division of the Fine Arts department since 1952 (B.E) 2495). The office are located in the same area of the National Library of Thailand.

The National Archives is responsible for collecting, preserving public and other historical records with archival value, and to make them available for public use. They are also advisors for government agencies on records management and records preservation. They hold records from the reign of King Rama IV to the present time for everyone to discover and use. The National Archives' collection of over 1 million historical government and public records , our collection includes paper, photographs, posters, maps, videos tapes and sound recordings.

As a general rule, government records are transferred to The National Archives when they are 30 years old, under the Prime Minister’s Regulation on Records Keeping issued in 1983 (B.E.2526 and second and additional version, B.E.2548. Archivists will appraise those records which contain historical values for permanent preservation. Moreover valuable records donated by individuals who are interested in archival affairs also preserved as archival collections.

Types of records held include

Government and personal records
Earlier handwritten records dating back to King Rama IV
Records of Government Administration
Photographs, Maps, Video and Audio Visuals Materials

Regulation on the Permission of Foreign Researchers to Conduct Research in National Archives of Thailand

Request for regulation on the Permission of Foreign Researchers to Conduct Research in Thailand and application form as attached from the Royal Thai Embassy or The Nation Research Council of Thailand on telephone number 662-5612445, 662-9406369, 662-5792690.
  1. Upon receiving the National Research Council of Thailand letter of permission and have permission from the Director-General of the Fine Arts Department, the researcher must submit it to National Archives
  2. Fill in the researcher registration form in the reading room and attach 2 pictures of self (size 1 inch)
  3. Before entering the reading room, put belonging in locker—do not bring copying equipments and food into reading room; turn off mobile phone
  4. Fill in request form what document for researching
  5. Fill in photographic copying service form to copy document
  6. Check document before returning it to officer

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