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The Nationaal Archief (NA) is the national archive of the Netherlands, located in The Hague. It houses collections for the central government, the province of Zuid-Holland, and the former County of Holland. It was founded in 1802. There is also material from private institutions and individuals with an association to the Dutch government or the political or social history of the Netherlands. The Nationaal Archief holds the Archives of the Dutch East India Company from 1602–1811, which were, along with related records held by South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, inscribed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme Register in 2003 in recognition of their historical value. Recently, the photographic archives of Spaarnestad Photo were included in the Nationaal Archief.

It has been announced that Wikipedia will get user rights over a large number of photos from these archives.

The English language version of the website is [2].

The Netherlands Antilles had a separate Nationaal Archief, which was dissolved when the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles took place [3].

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