The state archive for the Land of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, based in Schleswig.

Archives[edit | edit source]

The archival material includes archives from the pre-Prussian period (until 1867) concerning the whole of Schleswig-Holstein and the three duchies of Schleswig , Holstein and Lauenburg and the Principality of Lübeck and the counties as far as the archival material did not get into the Reich Archives to Copenhagen . Also from this time come the documents and files of Schleswig-Holstein goods and monasteries. The archive of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck , however, is in the archive of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck as their former state archive.

From the period from 1867 to National Socialism managed the State Archives archives of the district of Lübeck (until 1937) and the Prussian administration of the province of Schleswig -Holstein (until 1946).

Archival holdings of the Schleswig-Holstein judicial authorities exist from the period after 1867. Also archives of the Schleswig-Holstein offices of the Reich and federal administration (including the postal , rail and weather systems ) from 1871 managed.

From the period of National Socialism and the occupation (1933-1949) there is a denazification section . Four other departments (including the Gauleitung Schleswig-Holstein of the NSDAP or the Sub Area Intelligence Office of the British Military Government ) are under construction (as of 2012).

From the post-war period, the state archive houses the files and documents of the state administration of the state of Schleswig-Holstein . Archives of municipalities are located in the various county and city archives.

Special archives of the Landesarchiv are available at various non-state collecting areas. These include collections by the Society for Schleswig-Holstein History or the Schleswig-Holsteiner Federation . In addition, the state archive is also the film and map archive of Schleswig-Holstein.

Other individual stocks come from various estates , including private individuals.

Library[edit | edit source]

The archive has a reference library with about 150,000 volumes, mainly on the history, cultural history and geography of Schleswig-Holstein, as well as publications on all research areas of history, their auxiliary sciences and related disciplines such as folklore or legal history. This includes a part-stock of the library founded in 1307 Cathedral School Schleswig , which is the oldest scholar's school in the state. The overwhelming majority of the library's holdings are documented in the online catalog of the Gemeinser Bibliotheksverbundes (GBV). The books can be viewed in the reading room of the Landesarchiv.

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