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Israel State Archives (Hebrew: גנזך המדינה‎, Ganzakh HaMedina) is the national archive of Israel, located in Jerusalem. The archive houses some 400 million documents, maps, stamps, audio tapes, video clips, photographs and special publications.

The archive was established in 1949 to house historical records of government administrations from the Ottoman era to the end of the British Mandate and document the newly established State of Israel. Israeli government institutions deposit their records at the State Archive 10-15 years after the closure of a file. Operation of the archive is regulated by the Archives Law, passed in 1955. It operates as a branch of the Prime Minister's Office.

Archive departments include the Department of Archives and Documentation, Registration and Indexing Department, Department of Services to the Public and Auxiliary Services, Publication of Documents Department, Records and Management Department, and Supervision of Public and Private Archives Department.

In 2008, the Israel Museum mounted "Blue and White Pages," a joint exhibit with the Israel State Archives featuring documents relating to the history of the Jewish people from ancient times until the present.

According to new regulations passed in 2012, the period after which non-security-related material becomes open to the public was lowered from 30 to 15 years, and the confidentiality period of certain defense-related documents was increased to 70 years in keeping with security needs.

In 2012, the Archives inaugurated the "Documentation on the Web" initiative which provides online access to items in its collections

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